Jay Findling Providing Asset Lending Through J Finn Industries, LLC

Sometimes you find yourself in a pickle. You need to buy assets such as inventory but you do not have money. You need a short-term loan but do not have a line of credit. Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman is able to get you out of this pickle through asset lending.

Instead of having to deal with the high interest rates that you get from higher financial institutions, you can opt for asset lending from J Finn Industries, LLC. You get a short-term loan to buy the asset, say inventory. You are then required to pay back the loan within a stipulated period of time. Failure to do this will lead to your assets being seized to recoup the money from the loan.

Jay Findling Providing Asset Lending Through J Finn Industries, LLC

Using asset lending from Jay Findling has some advantages:

  • You get to enjoy a lower interest rate
  • None of your other assets are considered as direct collateral for your loan
  • You are able to get cash in a short period of time

Asset lending is slightly different from asset financing in that the latter pegs the loan you obtain on assets that your company or business already owns. These assets would be seized in a case where the loan is not repaid on time.

Citibank NA, Bank of America and Wachovia have constantly given J Finn Industries, LLC a remarkable A-rating. It is therefore safe to get these services from the company. Additionally, the company has been in business for over a quarter of a century. That is a lot of time.

It points to expertise, a continual improvement in service delivery and efficiency. Otherwise, the company would not have survived for that long. If you choose to obtain these services, rest assured that you are in good hands and will be able to get out of the woods.


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